Bruton Packhorse Fair 2014 - Band Watch

by Phil Simpson Local Events

Bruton Packhorse Fair 2014 - Band Watch

The Bruton Packhorse Fair 2014 is fast approaching. If live music is your thing, then you're in for a treat! We thought we'd take a closer look at the musical talent due to take to the Bruton stage this bank holiday Monday.

h2. The Bands

!/perch/resources/drystones-.jpg! *The Drystones – 10.30am* The Drystones are a young & lively folk duo playing violin, guitar and whistle. The 2011 Mid Somerset Battle of The Bands winners have played festivals all over the West Country including Sidmouth, Village Pump, Purbeck and Glastonbury. For just two people they make a lot of sound, you will not be bored! Website: "": Youtube: "": Soundcloud: "":

!/perch/resources/freddie-vernon-.jpg! *Freddie Vernon & Co – 11.15am* Freddie’s debut E.P entitled ‘The End of Last Year’ was released earlier this year after It was created both at home in Somerset and in a very secluded studio in Devon. Freddie gigs with his band, and occasionally alone with the help of a Loop piano and various instruments. Website: "":

!/perch/resources/senile-delinquents-.jpg! *The Senile Delinquents – 12.00pm* The Senile Delinquents, Somersets Numero Uno Cowgirl Jazz outfit, know how to get that perfect mix of bluegrass, country and folk going on, Banjo, fiddle, lap steel and guitar all topped off with creamy harmonies and an excellent repertoire of the more than slightly wrong love stories old and new... Website: "senile-delinquents": "The Senile Delinquents on Soundcloud":

!/perch/resources/1400599050-kush-blog-.jpg! *Kingdom of Kush – 12.45pm* This new and upcoming local band have delighted audiences across the region. With a marvellous mix of creativity and enthusiam, The Kingdom of Kush bring their music right to the heart. Expect groovy funk, outrageous disco, and fully psychedelic rock. Just try to stop jumping around! Here's a nice "Localeyez review about Kingdom of Kush":/kush/

!/perch/resources/loyd-grossman-.jpg! *Loyd Grossman & The New Forbidden – 1.30pm* In the last three years pasta sauce king Loyd Grossman’s band “The New Forbidden” have been a regular draw on the London circuit and the summer festival season. Their new material is a fresh take on the sexy, beat-driven and lyrical 1970s sound of the likes of Iggy Pop and Lou Reed. "":

*The Johnsons – 2.30pm* The Johnsons are seven brothers from a small cotton farm in the valley of Dolly Parton’s cleavage. They play down-home country and gospel music with more kick than a mule who’s fallen into a vat of the family moonshine. Celebrity fans include Prince William, the Loch Ness monster, President Jong-un and that man off the telly.

!/perch/resources/chainska-.jpg! *ChainSka Brassika – 3.30pm* ChainSka Brassika are 9 school friends from South East London set on conquering the stage and starting the party. Their lively old-school sound combines with the deep skank of today’s UK bass culture to command the crowd get up and dance. "Tigerlily Productions UK": "ChainSka Brassika on YouTube":

!/perch/resources/rsvp-.jpg! *R.S.V.P – 4.30pm* RSVP are spearheading the renaissance of live Bhangra in the UK. From massive stages at Glastonbury and Womad, to concert venues across the UK and Europe, they’re always guaranteed to get even the most reluctant on their feet, and leave audiences breathless with excitement. Website: "":

!/perch/resources/mik-artistik-.jpg! *Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip – 5.30pm* Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip are a rocky, funky, and surreally funny special brew comprising Jonnnny Flockton on guitar and Benson Walker on bass and fronted by the edgy, poetic, hilarious and scary Mik Artistik. The show is unique, deranged,and strangely poignant. Website: "":

And if that wasn't enough, there's more live music at "The Sun Inn": & "The Bruton Castle": from 7pm! 

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